Panoptica allows participants to join model reviews from anywhere, using a HoloLens, iPad, Oculus VR, or web browser. Choose what works best for you, depending on your needs and available devices.


Panoptica is Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. You can use our SaaS deployment and get automatic feature updates, or you can bring our software in house and manage it yourself.


Work with your engineering process BIM data. This data is automatically imported from your CAD file and associated database into Panoptica.


Through our Navisworks™ plugin you can easily segment your model into different scenes for use in Panoptica. Segmenting large models makes it easier to structure your BIM data agenda.

Reduce Rework Costs & Estimates

Reduce Rework Time

Up to 30% of the costs  of engineering projects are due to rework. Most are design issues that were not noticed until the construction phase.


Make product, service, and factory operations more secure and scalable. Improve service quality, reliability, and satisfaction.

REDUCE COSTS & Estimates

Panoptica enables all project stakeholders to perform a site visit of the completed facility in Augmented or Virtual Reality before it is built.

What Can Panoptica Do For You?

Panoptica is an industrial design project management collaboration platform that brings all your BIM data of your engineering phase and combines it with mixed reality – Augmented & Virtual Reality. Panoptica allows customers to collaborate in a 1:1 scale real-time environment: anywhere, any place, and any time. This allows for operational efficiency improvements in core areas of your process which ensures favorable business outcomes are achieved. 

Action Items

Now assign Action Items to other participants and with the new Action Item view tab, they will be able to easily see all the issues that require their attention. And with the notification feature, they will receive an alert that a new Action Item has been assigned to them.

Model Versioning

With Panoptica’s new Model Versioning feature, participants now can track and access every iteration of a 3D model that has been loaded to the Portal. Action Items persist through each version allowing easy review and approval.


Track each major model review with the new Milestone feature. From the traditional 30/60/90% model reviews to HAZOP’s, any external or major internal review can now be documented. Set the description and track the analytics for each Milestone on the new Dashboard.


Internal and external participants can now view analytics of each milestone. From tracking the number of participants to the status of the Action Item’s in the whole facility or by individual model. Action Items coming due or are past due can be highlighted to assist the Project Management Teams in removing blockers and keep the project on track.

More Than Just A Model Review…

Use your existing design tools

Use your existing CAD software and tools. Panoptica can convert from any Navisworks™ compatible file. Simply upload your model and Panoptica will covert it for mixed reality. Panoptica fits within your existing workflow and tools.

Easily navigate the model

Use the lobby view to get an aerial view of your model for context, and easily jump in wherever you like. Walk around the model or move it around relative to you, so you can quickly look under or on top of things.

Reporting and auditing

Use reports to see who participated & for how long. See who signed off on what and which notes were left on which objects. Use heatmap reports to see what people looked at and what they didn’t, ensuring full model review coverage.